Pellucid Screen

End to End Solution For Eye Screening, Early Detection
Of Vision Impairment, Proven Across 6 millions Patients

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Pellucid Screen

Pellucid Screen is a cloud based, telemedicine platform, that addresses end-to- end requirements of eye screening, early detection of vision impairment, and loss of vision. Pellucid screen has helped 6million patients in nationwide projects. This innovative diagnostic platform is a complete, integrated vendor neutral solution, and is an essential pillar for nationwide eye screening.

Key Feature

Detailed MIS and intelligent dashboards
Pellucid Screen provides not only screening functions, but also an intervention strategy planning to prevent avoidable blindness. The Platform’s dashboards provide actionable intelligence such as symptom heat maps and detailed, comprehensive information (MIS).

Integrate with existing EMR and ERP systems

The Pellucid Screen is unique in its ability not just to function independently, but it also has the capability to integrate with existing practice management systems to eliminate data redundancy.


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