About Pellucid Networks

Pellucid Networks is a company at the cusp of Medical imaging, Clinical information, and Cloud Computing technology, aiming to enable early detection and acceleration in avoiding preventable blindness. With a philosophy that puts medical imaging at the crux of precise diagnosis, we offer complete solutions in ophthalmologic practices that uses medical imaging. A global provider and market leader in cloud based ophthalmic programs and services (HIS systems), our state-of-the-art technology works towards simplifying diagnosis, assessment, and treatment. With our highly scalable preventive screening systems using optimum cost ophthalmic cameras and mobile screening devices, we enable nations to enhance their efforts towards eliminating avoidable blindness. Pellucid minimizes the cost and capital investments while simultaneously making eye screening affordable and accessible. Pellucid Networks is headquartered in Singapore with its Global R&D Centre in Chennai, India.


  • 2008

    Pellucid Founded in Singapore

  • 2010

    Pellucid’s Tele-Ophthalmology platform launched for world renowned Aravind Eye Hospital

  • 2011

    Software implementation exceeds 150 locations worldwide

  • 2012

    Pellucid adopted ny ministry of health Indonesia and Sanglah

  • 2014

    Pellucid signs national Eye screening initiative for Ministry of Health Singapore

  • 2015

    Pellucid signs partnership with Singapore National Eye Centre

  • 2016

    Partnered with OEU and rolled out in 50 vision centers

  • 2017

    Pellucid signs India’s national truck drivers screening project

  • 2019

    Pellucid mobility rollout-single site 100 devices Pellucid Optipro rollout-42 more vision centres

  • 2021

    Pellucid signs partnership with Rotary for Hybrid Orange vision center across India.

Our Company

To Eliminate Avoidable Blindness Through Innovative Technology
At Pellucid, we work tirelessly to develop quality ophthalmology software systems and to eradicate Avoidable Blindness, by spreading the power of Innovative Technology, making it accessible to all.
We aim to transform lives by making quality eye care available to everyone, even in the most remote areas of the globe. We strive towards building a world where avoidable blindness will be a thing of the past, by realizing and applying the full potential of technology, and thereby drive a new age of advancement and progress.
We seek to grow and learn, with every advancement in technology, keeping ‘empowerment with technology’ at our crux. With innovation, excellence and teamwork at our core, we strive to build an ideal world – one without avoidable blindness.