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Pellucid Screen

Pellucid Screen is a cloud based, telemedicine platform, that addresses end-to- end requirements of eye screening, early detection of vision impairment, and loss of vision. Pellucid screen has helped 6million patients in nationwide projects. This innovative diagnostic platform is a complete, integrated vendor neutral solution, and is an essential pillar for nationwide eye screening.

Key Feature

Detailed MIS and intelligent dashboards
Pellucid Screen provides not only screening functions, but also an intervention strategy planning to prevent avoidable blindness. The Platform’s dashboards provide actionable intelligence such as symptom heat maps and detailed, comprehensive information (MIS).

Integrate with existing EMR and ERP systems

The Pellucid Screen is unique in its ability not just to function independently, but it also has the capability to integrate with existing practice management systems to eliminate data redundancy.

Pellucid Mobility

Pellucid Mobility is an affordable, easy to use, portable system that turns a smartphone/ tablet into a comprehensive mobile eye examination tool. This solution is designed to use the phone’s built-in GPS to geotag all the collated data, creates disease heat maps, and detect signs of Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, AMD, as well as nerve disease using the camera of a handheld device. Essentially, Pellucid Mobility brings a clinic to a patient in the comfort of their own home, taking them closer to their eye health well-being.

Key Feature

Disease Heat Maps
Enables patient mapping by putting to use the phone/device’s built-in gaps, and by capturing patient demographics, and geo-tagging.

Pellucid Clinics

Pellucid Clinics is an integrated eye care management system that unifies the management of operations, and tele-medicine on a single platform. From appointment booking, registration of the patient, queue management, data capture and transmission – to billing and sign off- Pellucid Clinics makes the clinician’s experience more effective, while simplifying patient’s process and reducing the time spent in clinic.

Key Feature

One solution with functions of HIS, EMR & Clinical Imaging in a single package

Pellucid Eyestation

Pellucid Eyestation is a state of the art product which functions as a central hub for managing and viewing the complete clinical data related to patient’s eye, be it during a physical visit to a clinic or remotely. This product bridges together ophthalmic image and clinical data acquisition and visualization from any ophthalmic device and vendor. In short, the Pellucid Eyestation enables ophthalmologists to focus on advanced diagnostic reporting, while automating time consuming work.

Key Feature

3D Visualization, slice locations
Presents 3D visualization that is specific to OCT images, and also provides slice locations of OCT images which will further help the ophthalmologist to identify the exact slice location of the image in the retina.


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