Radiology Solutions for all

Multiple, Geographically Diverse Hospital Facilities With A Different Reading
Groups Can Now Function As One.

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RadLIVE Enterprise : RIS PACS with no boundaries

We have simplified diagnosis by bringing every piece of information together for the radiologist, the technicians and the referral physician with one view, transcending the four walls of the hospital.

  • Unified workflow
  • Collaborative treatment
  • Rules based routing
  • Referral physician access
  • Built in tele-radiology
  • Vendor Neutral archive

RadLIVE Telerad : Powered by cutting edge cloud computing, it is the most powerful tele-radiology solution in the market.

  • Secure in house storage
  • In Built Iuminate application
  • Minimal software installation
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Instant start and scalable

RadLive MiniPACS : PACS is now simple, lean and affordable

Simple yet advanced, RadLive MiniPACS is a secure, high redundancy, vendor neutral mini-PACS solution for small and medium Hospital.

  • Secure in house storage
  • In Built luminate application

Lumiate: The Most intuitive DICOM workstation in the market

Purpose built to simplify radiology reporting, it features template based structured reporting and comes pre-loaded with over 1000 templates.

  • Interoperability, works with any DICOM compliant PACS
  • 3D: Volume rendering, surface rendering, 3D Slab
  • Curved Multi Planar reconstruction
  • Maximum and Minimum intensity projection.
  • Media Writing & DICOM printing
  • Personal and Institutional templates for reporting

iRay : Most comprehensive and cost-effective alternative to expensive X-ray digitizers.

Convert your X-ray films to diagnostic quality DICOM images and unlock a new world of possibilities.

  • Use your existing modality
  • Access radiologists online
  • Filmless reporting
  • Pay per report