Gift of sight along the Golden Quadrilateral

Breaking the barriers of unawareness, apprehensions and affordability, Sightsavers’ are now making eye health care available on the go, along the highways with Pellucid Healthcare’s very innovative outreach device Pellucid Mobility.

Sightsavers, one of the leading development organizations is working globally against avoidable blindness, has launched India’s biggest eye health screening program for truck drivers’ community. The initiative is named “RAAHI- Road Safety and Assurance by Healthy Eyes.”

The ambitious National Trucker’s Program, RAAHI, becomes all the very significant for the fact that it is designed to conduct screening camps along the Golden Quadrilateral, connecting Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai and aims to reach out to 500,000 truck drivers and helpers while they are on their move to their destinations.

Proposed flow of this mass eye screening program:

  • Vision centers equipped with Pellucid Mobility will be set up along the Golden Quadrilateral.
  • Truckers can visit vision centers for their eye screening.
  • For those who are in haste and are not visiting vision centers, eye health care workers shall meet them with mobility devices to conduct their vision acuity checks and registrations at their lunch/ tea break joints.
  • Truckers can be screened in one city and collect their spectacles from any vision center along their route.
  • Patients with pressing eye care needs can be referred to the appropriate level of treatment.
  • Data from all the vision centers can be synced to cloud-based centralized web application
  • Real-time progress and monitoring of the program can be executed
  • Auto-generated SMS’s can be launched for treatment follow ups.

We at Pellucid Healthcare Networks are treading fast on our mission to eliminate avoidable blindness. We realize, even today, outreach remains one of the main areas of concern in healthcare sector which can aptly be addressed by our mobility device and people in need can be brought within the much-needed ambit of care.

(Photo credit to Chartviboon)