Ultimate wish list: Automation to Integration in Eye Care

Let your software manage your clinic while you care your patients

Times are changing like never before and our needs for betterment are growing exponentially. Eye Healthcare is no different in looking out for options to serve patients with better and efficient treatments and practices.

Any eye care facility typically works on three different kinds of technical solutions i.e., Practice or Hospital Management Information System (HMIS), Electronic Medical Record (EMR), and Imaging Solution. Working on three different technical solutions and managing several reports manually is too archaic a method which also has perpetual downside to it

Major challenges:

  • Saving a patient’s imaging reports manually increases the chance of saving the file to another patient’s folder leading to magnificent damages.
  • Waste of patient time due to many rounds of investigations and unorganized procedures for collection of reports and billing.
  • Poorly synchronized technical staff may lead to delay and anomaly in the administration of treatment.

Better approach is to utilize a unified platform. Pellucid Clinics is capable of integrating all smaller functions together and allows keeping of all records including image based reports of a patient at one place.  Entire records are accessible with single search parameter like patient name, unique Id Number or even their phone number.

Salient features:

  • Image integrated EMR system automatically saves all eye tests in patient’s unique folder.
  • Important information like allergic tendencies can be highlighted on patient’s case sheet and alerts created when dispensing medicines.
  • Real-time update and accessibility to patient information renders much faster treatment.
  • Quick retrieval feature enables easy recovery and delivery of patient reports.
  • Advanced queue management system with SMS alert feasibility.
  • Fully cloud hosted and secured electronic data.
  • Ability to generate multiple reports for research and administrative utility.
  • Significant reduction in man-hours hence accelerated cost savings.

Pellucid Clinics is an integrated eye care management system that unifies the management of operations, and telemedicine on a single platform.